BIGG subsidiary Netcoins adds support for 9 major cryptos

    Netcoins, a subsidiary of BIGG Digital Assets Inc., has added support for nine new cryptos on its platform: SAND, DAI, MKR, GRT, UNI, AAVE, BAT, CHZ, and XTZ, Coin Journal learned from a press release

    BIGG Digital is an online cryptocurrency broker enabling Canadians to sell, buy, trade, and understand cryptocurrency. 

    The third rollout of upcoming additions

    Netcoins obtained approval to update its limited dealer license on March 24. It made this request in late 2021, allowing a broader offering of crypto on the platform. 

    The nine new additions are the third rollout, with further ones anticipated to follow. In terms of total offering, Netcoins is one of the leaders in Canada with 31 coins listed.

    Mark Binns, Netcoins CEO, said:

    Today we bring some great new coins, high on the customer demand list, to the Netcoins customer base to trade, HODL and sell. These coins were selected in part by liquidity provider demand data, meaning customers tend to actively trade them in Canada. We look forward to providing more coin addition updates in the near future.

    BIGG has two portfolio companies apart from Netcoins: Blockchain Intelligence Group and TerraZero. Blockchain Intelligence Group develops technology to power intelligence and compliance for the crypto future. 

    TerraZero is a leading Web 3.0 technology company and vertically integrated development group specializing in the metaverse industry. 

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