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Gambling terms every gambler should know

It’s important to understand how online casinos work, especially if you’re a regular player. At joker388, we love our players—so much so that we want to take you on a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite casino lingo! From basic to more technical terms, we’ve got them all. Let’s start at the beginning…

How many times have you been watching sports and the announcers throw out all these gambling terms like over/under, prop bets, or parlay odds? Unless you’re a gambler, the terms probably go right over your head and leave you wondering what they mean. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common gambling terms and how you can take advantage of them to win more money when you bet on games this season.


There are two main variations of Baccarat, Classic and Mini. In Mini-Baccarat, a deck of six cards is used, which allows for more action with fewer players. The rules for playing Mini-Baccarat are exactly like those for classic Baccarat (except that there is only one deck). The concept is actually pretty simple; either you have a total card value of 8 or 9 (face cards aren’t included in either variation), or you don’t.


If you don’t want to be that person looking confused at a craps table, familiarize yourself with some of these commonly used slang and gambling terms. Craps is known as one of the fastest games in town, so it doesn’t take much to get left behind while everyone else is enjoying themselves—or even worse, lose your money.


If you’re playing blackjack, and your hand beats both a dealer’s face-up card (known as a dealer upcard) and his or her hole card (the dealer’s downcard, if one is dealt), then you win even money on your bet. If not, then you lose. As for split hands, those work like so: Any hand that contains an ace can be split into two equal hands (unless it has two aces).


Like other casino games, roulette is played with chips, which are traded in for cash at a casino cage. But if you’re playing roulette online, your money—along with any bonus offers—will be transferred directly to your online account when you cash out.

Poker (Texas Hold’em)

Texas Hold’em is a poker variant where all players are dealt two cards facedown, then five community cards are dealt face-up by a dealer. Players can then use any combination of their own two cards with those on the board to form their best hand. Once everyone has set their hands, they reveal them and see who wins.

Slot Machines

While casino floor slot machines may seem like one big blur of blinking lights and sounds, there are several types of slot machines that have different features. Here’s a quick breakdown of some common slots: Video Poker Machine: This poker machine offers novices a way to learn how to play poker without betting money. Novices can bet on their hands, which are dealt by an electronic dealer.

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Gambling terms every gambler should know




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