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ICONFi, hybrid savings platform, launches My Crypto service

ICONFi, a hybrid crypto savings and staking platform, is launching My Crypto for the convenience of users. 

The service allows users to check balances in real time and add the API from crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Doing away with multitasking 

As exchanges list different tokens and coins, crypto users use different ones. Traders and investors struggle to check the balances of their exchanges. Multitasking through exchange apps to check the balances is pesky. 

My Crypto solves this problem

My Crypto solves this problem by letting ICONFi users see the balances on different exchanges, making it super simple to manage assets. The app doesn’t have access to the assets and is a read-only API. 

It is also possible to compare the ROI from direct trading with ICONFi’s various deposit interest rates. ICONFi’s Growth Lead Steve Cho said:

My Crypto service is expected to address the issue of dealing with many different exchange wallets. It also shows the total value of users’ crypto assets in BTC, making it easier to see how much crypto assets they have in exchange wallets and ICONFi wallets altogether. Many ICONFi users put their BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC on ICONFi Flexible account so that they can receive the basic interest rates, because it has no lockup period. People always want to get the maximum profits out of their actions and ICONFi users just know this is the best option they can have without taking risks of lockup period because the crypto market shifts a lot.

ICONFi’s CEO Sean Kim added:

The vision of ICONFi is Make Crypto Simple – we want to provide easy and convenient crypto finance services to the entire crypto users. ICONFi is officially giving out the highest compound interest rates on BTC (without considering platform tokens) in the market and it is the only Crypto savings platform giving its users Fixed rates. All other platforms cut down the rates if users put more crypto, which sounds super absurd. Users deserve more yields if they put in more assets. We want to support any crypto user to get the most value out of their Bitcoin in an easy, simple, and convenient manner.

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