Nitro League Releases an updated roadmap for its racing metaverse

    Nitro League introduces the Nitro garage and an exclusive land sale in its updated roadmap.

    Nitro League, a decentralized racing metaverse, has announced the release of its updated roadmap to launch its racing metaverse.

    According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, Nitro League said it had added the Nitro garage and an exclusive land sale to the updated roadmap.

    The team said the Nitro League Garage is officially available for players to access and use as the gateway into the Nitro League metaverse. Furthermore, they have created an immersive, high-tech and futuristic space, allowing players to work on customising their cars, socialising with other players and earning rewards. 

    Furthermore, Nitro League said the garage could be customised with themed NFTs, allowing users to create a truly personal and unique space in the Nitro League that reflects their style.

    Nitro League said;

    “With the launch of the Garage, Nitro League lays the groundwork for the social hub that the racing metaverse is going to become as players can now hang out and showcase their creations and rewards. From displaying their NFTs and trophies to parking their cars and managing all assets and car parts – the Garage ties together the whole user experience in the Nitro League.”

    The other update in the roadmap is the launch of land and building sales. According to the Nitro League, this feature represents an excellent way to introduce more people to the immersive world of virtual racing.

    Nitro League said within its Nitroverse,  land is distributed amongst six artificially made floating islands on water and islands that hover in the sky. 

    Players now have the opportunity to purchase parcels of land to construct residential or commercial buildings and rent them out for extra income or prefab (and then modular) buildings and structures to personalise their land. 

    Nitro League said owning land is not a requirement to participate in the races. However, it does come with numerous benefits. 

    Certain types of land plots can unlock certain categories of NFT assets. Furthermore, landowners can rent out their land or properties, run advertisements from sponsors, organise social events (hangout places) and sell digital or real-world assets through their land. 

    Nitro League concluded that its latest roadmap developments would see them continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible inside the NFT space.

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